2 Months

At her 2-month check-up, Addie weighed 10 pounds 3 oz, and measured 23 inches. The doctor said, “Basically she’s gone from a small baby to a medium baby.” Descriptive enough.

Here’s some 2-month info on Addie:

  • Since five weeks old, she’s been sporadically sleeping all night. Now she’s consistently doing it, waking up at almost exactly 6:30 every morning (who needs an alarm?). She goes to sleep easily at night, too. One night, I put her in her crib at 10:30, wide awake, and she cooed and gurgled herself to sleep.
  • She’s happiest in the morning. I even went in to get her one morning (because I hadn’t heard her cry yet), and she was lying there, wide awake, just making noises. She gave me a smile when she saw me. I love those moments.
  • She’s finally big enough to fit in the jogging stroller, and is a good sport about going out running with me.
  • She likes: ceiling fans (so weird), her pacifier (most of the time), her changing table, napping with mommy, eating, bath-time, “talking,” and cuddles.
  • She doesn’t like: medicine on her neck, her pacifier (if she doesn’t want it, don’t even try to give it to her!), napping in her crib, getting dressed, and kisses (not that you can help kissing her, but she either tolerates it, with a pained expression, or flat-out cries).
  • She can go from happy to angry in no time, but settles back down to happy just as quickly.
  • She’s finally dropped the “newborn” look.
  • To my infinite relief, she can now spend quite a bit of time just sitting and looking around, not crying!

She’s growing fast. I was sad the day I had to put away her preemie clothes (the only things that would fit her for several weeks), and I’ll be even more sad the day (in the next few weeks) that she moves up another size. But even with that, I’m looking forward to watching her grow.



3 Responses

  1. She’s at such a great age. Still has some of that newborn appeal but looking cuter every day and developing more of a personality.

    I loved the description you gave of how she’s just kinda chillin’ in her crib, and she sees you and smiles– like as young as she is, she recognizes you and is happy to see you. And now you’ve recorded that moment, you’ll never forget it :)

    mikie - August 6th, 2008 at 10:38 am
  2. She really IS a good sport to sit in the jogging stroller for an hour! :) SO CUTE!!

    Mel - August 6th, 2008 at 1:41 pm
  3. Wow, Gavin weighed 10 pounds at BIRTH!!! Poor me. She is adorable though! My sister-in-law Gayle was just visiting here and said she saw Jesse on a recent trip to Utah and that he was beaming with happiness and couldn’t stop talking about how amazing his wife is!!

    Andrea - August 6th, 2008 at 3:28 pm