2011 Year in Review: Jesse

I realize I post a lot about the kids (“a lot” being a relative term), and that’s because our lives revolve around them. (And I’m learning more and more how that’s just how it goes.) But I’d be remiss in summarizing last year if I didn’t spend a little time on our personal superhero: Jesse.

I think Jesse was always ready to be a dad. And he’s such an amazing one, too. (Whereas some days I wonder who on earth decided to let ME be a mom, I’ve never doubted Jesse’s ability to be a good dad.) He works really hard, often putting in long hours at work, and never complains about coming home to help me with the kids. Having only recently pulled back from working full time, I’m aware of how beat you can feel by the end of the day, and how all you want to do sometimes is sit and relax. But he’s excited to see us, and is always ready to play (and be a jungle gym). No wonder these guys get so excited when he gets home. 

I don’t think Jesse or I really knew going into this whole parenthood thing how much of your soul it required. We both have things that we do or like that we feel make us who we are, and although we still maintain those things as best as we can, there’s still that inevitable sacrifice. For Jesse, that means he can’t do things like mountain bike in the spring/summer/fall as often as he would like or used to, because he trades that personal time sometimes for family time. We are so glad he does, but I was also excited for him to get something last year that he spent a lot of time dreaming about, researching, and piecing together.

(I like how, in this picture, his shiny, new bike is propped up against boxes of new little-kid car seats. Kinda says it all, I think.)

So we obviously didn’t grudge him any time he got to spend out doing what he loves. Because it made him that much more content for moments like this:

Personally, I love that Jesse keeps his passions alive. Because that means he shares them with us, and our kids are going to grow up wanting to do things like their dad. Like surfing, for instance. Jesse shares his love of the beach and the ocean with his kids, and I know one little girl who believes her daddy can do anything, and that he is a superhero.

When we went to the beach last year, Addie was finally brave enough to get in the ocean and let her dad help her do some boogie boarding. And in her mind, she was “surfing like daddy!” (One evening a few months back, I took Addie to Costa Vida with my sisters for dinner. They were showing a surf documentary about big-wave surfing called Step into Liquid. Addie watched it and said, “Oooh…that’s just like daddy!” Yeah, I knew Jesse would love that.)

See, one thing that became clear to me last year is that, although we feel like we’ve lost a little of who we are, we haven’t really. Because who we are is reflected in these small human beings – and they don’t miss anything. And I feel pretty lucky that who Jesse is and what he loves and how he lives is going to be reflected in our kids. 

Seriously, doesn’t this photo just sum it all up? 

Now as I go back and review this post a little, I realize it’s still about the kids, even though it’s supposed to be about Jesse. So I’ll just add that Jesse had a pretty good year, professionally, and that we got to go on a couple of trips just the two of us that helped us remember how much fun we have together. And seeing as our kids are only around for so long, I’m very grateful I’m married to my best friend whom I love spending time with. We certainly love our superhero buddy, husband, and dad!

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  1. SUCH a perfect pre-Father’s Day post. :) I wish I’d seen Westen last night when he took your phone away from you and crawled up next to his daddy to play games with him. What an awesome little family! :) Love you all!

    Mel - May 21st, 2012 at 9:33 am