2011 Year in Review: The Haircut

Ok, so I took a “baby break” for several weeks, but I’m committed, so I’m gonna finish this. Even if it’s in a hasty manner. (By the way, did you know you can type with a baby on your chest, while constantly fending off the ‘helpful’ typing assistance of an almost-2-year-old? That’s how much I’m committed to getting this done. I also promise not to wait a year to blog about our new addition.)

Anyhow, last December, we had a rite-of-passage, of sorts. The self-haircut.

Let me back up for a minute. I am not a great mom. Now, I know that sounds like a desperate plea for validation (“Yes, you are, Marianne! You’re an awesome mom!” etc.), but let me clarify. I’m a good mom. My kids are healthy, happy, and know they are loved and cared for. I figure that’s the important stuff. But in my book, great moms can do more than that. They can entertain and engage their children, and I feel like I suffer there. I’m aware that my kids get too much screen time, and I’m also aware that my attention span for pretend and interactive play is not as great as it should be. I’m also not great at coming up with fun, crafty things for us to do. (Oh, and no leprachauns visit our house on St. Patrick’s day, I don’t make pink, heart-shaped pancakes for Valentine’s Day, etc.)  Basically, I’m not a fun (aka, great) mom. Not saying it’ll always be that way – I am still learning, after all.

Anyhow, that detour had a point. One day in December I decided that Addie and I should make paper snowflakes. You know, an attempt to be fun. I also thought it might be a good way to start teaching Addie how to use scissors. We had fun doing it, but I didn’t think Addie really grasped how to use the scissors very well.

Two days later, on a Sunday afternoon, Westen and I were napping, and Jesse was hanging out with Addie (who had decided she didn’t want a nap). Jesse fell asleep on the couch, which, usually, would be fine. Addie is such a good kid, you don’t usually have to worry about anything with her. But this time, she shook Jesse awake, complaining of hair in her mouth. So Jesse, only half awake, helped her pull the hair out of her mouth. And as he pulled, he got a handful. Then he looked closer.

Apparently our snowflake-making adventure the other day had piqued her interest in scissors. And what is it about scissors and cutting your own hair? (Can someone explain that impulse to me?) Anyhow, I was pretty devastated. We’d just spent the previous year and a half trying to grow her hair out, and were finally able to do some fun things with it. It was also just before her dance recital and the holidays. (Not that I’m much of a stickler for looking perfect in photos – remember how much of a NOT-cute mom I am? And this experience didn’t motivate me to want to become more of a fun mom, either…after all, look where it got me??)

I was also pretty upset at Jesse for falling asleep and leaving her alone. But, to be honest, I probably would’ve done the same. (Fall asleep, I mean. You really don’t usually have to worry about Addie!) I was also pretty upset at myself, since I’m usually very careful about keeping the scissors out of sight (this being one of my nightmares, and all).

A good neighbor offered to fix Addie’s hair first thing the next morning.

She did an awesome job, but you could still see the hack marks. And she would keep those hack marks for another seven months. (We just barely chopped her hair off again. And it’s pretty adorable. Or maybe she’s just adorable.)

Now I can check that one off the list of parenting experiences I’m afraid of. If it happens again (and I’m sure it will), I think I’ll handle it better. Maybe.

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