2011 Year in Review: Westen Pt. 2

April 23rd, 2012 - One Response

Oh, my Westen. Some days I feel bad that I didn’t chronicle his life month-by-month (or at least more regularly) as he hit his big milestones last year, because he seems to be in a rush to grow up and be like his sister. This little boy can light up my day with his cheesy grin and his snuggles. He is definitely a little mama’s boy, but still enjoys his independence. I used to watch moms feeding their babies by spoon, and it seems that I’ve forgotten what that was like, since this kid hardly ever let me do it!

Westen’s babyhood was bit rough on me, and once we got some things straightened out (like his reflux – remember that sad story?), he moved quickly on to stressing me out with his adventurous spirit. From the moment he could crawl, he started to climb stairs. From the moment he could stand, he was trying to walk. And before he could even walk competently without help (at 10 months!), he started to CLIMB. (Yes this is a 2011 year-in-review thing, but as a recent anecdote, I took him to a park in California in February, when he was barely 18 months old, and he found a climbing wall. And he climbed it. And I watched him learn to navigate the foot- and hand-holds like he knew what he was doing. Yep, that’s my boy.)

Westen doesn’t have a long attention span, but I can usually find a movie that catches his attention long enough for me to take a breather. The first one, as I mentioned before, was Tangled. He LOVED that movie, and I still don’t know why. The boy who wouldn’t sit still for anything would sit and watch and listen, captivated, for the whole length of the movie. Yes, I may or may not have abused that. But let me tell you, it was sure a lifesaver on nights that he would wake up and not be able to go back to sleep. And that happened, oh, about every other night. (I could turn it on and doze on the couch while he watched – I know, call the bad parent police, but this is how we survived for awhile.) Westen, to this day, is not the greatest night sleeper, but maybe I’ll tell that story at another time.

I realized when I looked back over my 2011 pictures of Westen, he’s often only wearing a diaper. Not because he didn’t like clothes, but because I often got lazy about getting him dressed. And he liked being this way. Win-win.

I have a whole Addie-and-Westen post in the works, but I wouldn’t be telling Westen’s story very well if I didn’t mention how much he loves his sister. Addie always seemed to take her time reaching her milestones (walking, etc.), but Westen wants nothing more than to do what Addie does. He spent much of the second half of last year watching his sister, following her, and just wanting to do what she does. Their favorite time together is bathtime – Addie makes it her job to entertain him, and they just giggle and play for over an hour.

And I love this picture. After getting Westen out of the tub and dressed, he sometimes would climb back in before I could stop him. This picture says more than I can. 

As soon as I thought my house was Westen-proof, he’d find something else to climb into. Like inside the piano.

As Westen got more and more adventurous, I did notice one calm activity that he liked to do, and that was look at books. I’d often find him in his or Addie’s room, quietly thumbing through whatever books he could get hold of.

Westen’s favorite place to hang was in the drawer of the entertainment center. He’d get in there just to play, or to watch TV.

And of course, what he became famous for was his crazy, monkey ability to climb.

Westen is that kid that makes other people nervous. He climbs precarious things, and other parents look at me incredulously that I don’t swoop in immediately to stop him. See, if I always swooped in to stop him, he’d just get more determined. And it’s ALL I WOULD DO. We sort of developed a radar on what was a little too dangerous, and what wasn’t that big of a deal. He’s also that kid who takes off running in a crowded place, and people watch him, then immediately check around him to make sure someone’s following him. It’s a good thing I’m not more of a worrier than I am (or a more intense personality, I suppose?), because with Westen you have to pick your battles, and decide what’s going to require intervention. It’s the only way we survive.

(The crazy thing about this picture is that he wasn’t even a year old yet. But if his sister was doing it? He wanted in. No matter what.)

I’m not sure what life would be like without Westen. When he was a brand new baby, I remember looking into his face and thinking, “I know you.” Like Westen and I have been buddies for a long, long time. And as Addie has started having more of a schedule away from home, he has become my happy little sidekick.

Sleep issues and crazy adventurousness aside, how could you not love this little face? We sure love him. To pieces.

First haircut!

If Westen’s first full year of life was this adventurous, I’m both excited and scared for the years to come!

2011 Year in Review: Addie Pt. 2

April 11th, 2012 - One Response

I love this little girl. I know, “duh”, right? But seriously, I adore her.

I had an interesting moment one day that illustrates how we feel about our girl. We had just gotten home from a trip, and, much the way Jesse and I are after spending every moment together for several days in a row, she was a little sad to be away from us when she went to school the next day. Her preschool is just across the street, so as I walked over to pick her up, she took off running towards me when she saw me. (She actually does this most days, but this time was a bit more…I don’t know…urgent?) As she threw herself into my arms, I picked her up and hugged her and carried her home. She acted like she had waited for me for so long and that it was such a relief to see me. It took my mind back to those four years we waited for her to come, and that moment before leaving the hospital where I sat and stared at her beautiful face and cried. With all those emotions and memories, I was in tears by the time we got home, and I wanted to hold on to her forever. She was a joy when she was born, and she’s even more so now.

She’s growing into such a lovely and fun little girl. As I mentioned before, she didn’t talk much for the first few years of her life (and that, quite honestly, stressed me out), and then just suddenly started talking around her 3rd birthday. But here are a few Addie-isms that I wanted to remember:

  • She says “pooku gots” for polka dots
  • She yells “Look out the blow!” for “look out below!”
  • She calls Westen “Wessen”
  • She doesn’t say “Dora” (in reference to Dora the Explorer)–she says D-d-dora…just like they do in the song.

She’s very adventurous, but at the same time, so so so so girly. I really don’t know how she got to be so girly! She’s sweet and kind to others, loves her friends, and is so smart. She has a crazy memory. (No, really…I’m pretty sure she never forgets anything.) The first time I realized she had a crazy memory was when we were driving home from my sister’s house one night, and she saw a house with some Christmas lights up (even though it was September). She got very excited and started to detail last year’s Christmas, from the tree to Rudolph to Santa’s sleigh. Another example is when we drove by a Cookie Cutter’s children’s hair salon – she pointed it out to me and told me all about the time she got her hair cut there, played on the slide, sat in a toy car, watched Curious George and got a balloon and sucker when she was done. She was about 20 months old when that happened. (Yeah…wow.) And another great example was around Halloween–I got out our traditional set of Halloween Peanuts characters, and left the smaller pieces in the box (not wanting Westen to get a hold of them and lose them). Once I set it up, Addie immediately asked where the missing pieces were…and detailed which pieces were missing. Not kidding.

Still an awesome sleeper! (And I LOVE that!)

Starting in August, Addie developed a schedule. I mean, a real schedule. I work a few hours a day two days a week, but the rest of Westen’s and my life revolves around Addie’s 3-year-old schedule. For one, she started preschool. Freaked me out that she was old enough, but she loves it!

Notice the fat lip in this first-day-of-school picture. She fell off the skateboard the day before. Just in time, right?

She also started a playgroup and looks forward to it every week. Addie also found the love of her life (besides being a princess). Dance class! Oh, wow…she loves dance class. Some of the girls in her class were crying for the first few weeks, but not Addie. She ran right in and loves every second.

She had a dance recital in December, and although I felt weird putting makeup on her, she was totally in her element. I mean, look at her!

Born performer! I sent this video to a bunch of people right afterwards, but here it is again.

 Guess I can’t say it enough…we love our girl!

2011 Year in Review: Beach Camping

March 14th, 2012 - One Response

This could be part of the “travel” series, but this is more of a tradition, and one of our favorites, at that! Every year, Jesse’s family goes camping at the beach in San Diego. We stay at a campground in Carlsbad, and we relax, sleep, swim, walk, ride bikes, and everything else you can imagine when you’ve got a few days to spend at the beach.

This year, we went in August, and had three campsites which we filled with Knights, Noltes, Forreys, and a bunch of Sloans! Addie got to spend time with her cousins, and Jesse got to spend time doing what feeds his soul: surfing. I have a ton of photos, and most don’t need any commentary, so here we go…

I love this picture – Addie was so tired from playing that she fell asleep with a cookie in her mouth.

These are SO Jesse’s kids…

The “triplets” are getting so big!

I love these pictures of these two. For some reason, they just embody the spirit of happy, summer fun! (Taken on the drive home at our stop in St. George.)

I promise we had adults on this trip. Grandparents, aunts, uncles…but for some reason I just didn’t take any pictures of them! I just loved how much these two kiddies enjoyed themselves on the beach. (Addie has always been a good camper, but this is the first year she’s actually enjoyed the beach and the ocean!)


2011 Year in Review: Travels Pt. 1

March 7th, 2012 - Comments Off on 2011 Year in Review: Travels Pt. 1

I know – there are going to be a few “series” here in recapping 2011. But that’s what I get for putting this off until, oh, March of the next year. (I’m still not apologizing, I’m just feeling sorry for myself.)

Anyhow, 2011 was one of those years that feeds my soul, because I was able to travel quite a bit. (If you think I’m being dramatic with the “feeds my soul” bit, then you don’t really know me at all.) I don’t know what it is, but travel of any kind helps me to feel alive to the world around me. And it seriously nourishes my spirit somehow. I’m known for getting a travel idea in my head, then not mentally resting until I have figured out a way to carry it out. I’m pretty sure that started in high school, when I learned of a US history trip to Washington DC that juniors could take (Close-Up), and I just got this fever about it until I talked my dad into letting me go (and of course, lending me the money!). The travel bug has been a serious issue for me ever since. Travel with a growing family isn’t so easy – so I’m well aware (yes, Jesse, I really am) that my need to wander won’t be catered to like it was for so long, but I hope to teach my kids to be aware of the world out there, and give them experiences where we can of traveling. (Addie has always been an awesome little traveler – she had to be!) I’ve always said that if I had a lot of money, I wouldn’t spend it on cars, a bigger home, clothes (okay, maybe a little on clothes), or anything big – but I would start chipping away at that list of places I still want to see. And I’d drag my kids along.

Anyhow, that was a long digression leading into this post. In any case, in June Jesse had to go to a conference for work in Ft. Lauderdale. I hadn’t been on a trip for awhile (since I was pregnant with Westen, I think), so I talked Jesse into letting me join him. It was the first time we left our kids behind  to do a trip together, and luckily I have a pretty awesome family who love my kids like their own, so they stepped in and took care of them.

I took a red-eye to Florida, and was pretty stoked to see this when I got there in the morning.

During Jesse’s time off from his conference, we swam in the ocean (’cause it was right there), and laid on the beach. I got to nap, relax, and read a book. Crazy how I had forgotten what that felt like!

After the last night of his conference (including a fancy dinner and all that stuff), the next day we took off on our own to explore Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. We stopped at a “local’s favorite” burger joint that serves gigantic burgers (and I’m really not exagerating that – they were kind of frightening), and was built entirely out of salvaged wood and pieces from boats. The only reason I mention it is because we both sat there and just really had that moment of, “We’re alone, and we’re on vacation!” Love those moments.

(Jesse likes to tease me about this picture – he thinks I look all “glowy” and happy.)

We spent the day wandering Miami a little, including making a stop at a scene from one of our favorite shows, Burn Notice. (Yeah, we’re fans of that show…thus Westen’s name.)

We also drove down into the Keys a little – just to say we did it. We searched all afternoon for a beach in the Keys, not really understanding how the Keys work. (Which means sandy beaches are not what they’re famous for.) But it felt good to be out exploring.

We then took the looooong drive up to Orlando. Why? Because I told Jesse that there was one reason I wanted to go to Florida: Harry Potter World in Orlando. Not the first totally geeky excursion I’ve made, and probably not the last.

We got to Orlando late at night, and the next morning we went to the Magic Kingdom. (Apparently having kids has made us major Disney fans – even if we didn’t actually have kids with us.) I had a business trip to Orlando several years ago, and Jesse came out to meet me – but wasn’t interested in going to Disney World. His thought was that he grew up with Disneyland, so he didn’t need to see Disney World. He regretted it ever since, so this was his chance to make up for that.

We loved it. It was so fun to see the differences and revel in the Disney-ish of it all. (Florida does an awesome job of keeping their lines more entertaining so waiting doesn’t feel much like a chore.)

The next day we got up early and headed out to Universal Islands of Adventure. I cannot say enough about this place. I was expecting magic, and magic we experienced! Once we walked in the park, we joined the hordes of people headed out to the same place: the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Just stepping in there made you feel like you were walking into the movie. Or better yet, the whole Harry Potter world come to life. AMAZING.

The level of detail they put into this place was phenomenal. Down to hearing Moaning Myrtle in the girls’ bathroom, and the moving wanted posters of Sirius Black posted in the streets. The detail inside the castle totally blew me away and I felt absolutely giddy as we sat and ate lunch at the Three Broomsticks (and seriously felt like we were THERE)!

(Frosty butterbeer…quite delicious.)


We bought chocolate frogs at Honeyduke’s, browsed Zonko’s, and got souvenir journals as gifts at Dervish & Bangs. (And yes, if you’re a Harry Potter purist, the “Hogsmeade” at the park is sort of a hybrid between Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley.) Seriously one of the coolest experiences ever.  

All I can say is, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, this place is more than worth the pilgrimage. Amazing.  

We were happy to get home to our kidlets, but it was so refreshing to be out adventuring with Jesse again!

More on 2011 travels soon! (And oddly enough, one of them involves some more Harry Potter excursions. When did I become such a geek? Seriously.)

2011 Year in Review: Westen Turns One! (Or Westen Pt. 1)

February 29th, 2012 - One Response

Westen. Oh, Westen, Westen, Westen. Some days I think he’ll be the death of me, and some days I think he’s just so stinking adorable I’m going to eat him. 

Westen is such a fun boy. (And he’s ALL boy, if I haven’t made that clear in the past.) He doesn’t stop to think about anything, he just goes for it. But for all that, he loves nothing more than to be cuddled, he loves to hear people sing (stops whatever he’s doing when he hears music, and that’s saying something ’cause the little dude is BUSY), and has a soft spot for the sentimental. I mean, how else can you explain that his favorite movie for months and months was Tangled? Wouldn’t sit still for anything, but if you turned Tangled on, he was mesmerized for the entire length of the movie. I’m so not making that up.

In any case, I have quite a few photos ready to document my little Westen’s antics, but for now we’ll cover that all-important milestone: his first birthday!

Since his birthday is July 21, and it fell near a holiday (July 24), it was fairly easy to simply turn a regular family bbq into a birthday party for this cutie.

I know…doesn’t he kill you?

My oh-so-talented sister-in-law Kali made his cake. She made it with a fondant duck and bubbles, since Westen’s favorite toy (and word) at that point was duck.

When we set him down in front of his cake, I think we all assumed he’d just go for it. But what he went for was the candle, and all of us around the table jumped up to stop him. I think we scared him (or offended him), because he spent the rest of his cake time crying off and on. (It really was funny…he’d put a bite of cake up to his mouth, then suddenly break down in tears all over again. See? Sensitive!) But he eventually went for it, and chewed off the duck’s head.

This kid is such a delightful part of our family. I look at him sometimes and try to remember life before he arrived, and it feels like he’s always been here. He makes my daily life an adventure, and we wouldn’t trade him for anything!

2011 Year in Review: Summer Fun

February 27th, 2012 - Comments Off on 2011 Year in Review: Summer Fun

Yes, we’re all looking forward to the coming summer, but I’m still working on sorting out last year. (And I’ve recently decided that the whole self-effacing concept of apologizing for not being a more regular updater is becoming a cliché, especially for me. It’s like getting up to give a talk in church, and having to start out with the bit about how nervous you are, or sharing the story of how you were asked to speak and how you’ll never answer the phone from the bishopric ever again, etc. So, if you don’t mind, I’m never going to apologize for my erratic blogging again. I have many goals for 2012, but none of them involve being a better blogger.) Moving on.

This was my first legitimate summer of being home with my kids, without a new baby occupying my days and nights. We certainly played A LOT. Lots of swimming, afternoons at the park, and just hanging out in the backyard playing in water.

(I’m gonna be honest, when Westen was born the last summer, this was the kind of scene I was looking forward to the following summer. Not that I don’t like playing with Addie, but having a built-in playmate for her makes my life a little easier!) 

We did get a couple of camping excursions in, although not nearly as many as we’re used to. Probably okay, though…Westen being the way he is (too adventurous and not a great sleeper), the few we did were all he could probably handle. He’ll do better next summer!

We, of course, made an excursion to the zoo. I love this phase that Addie’s in – she’s so curious and excited about everything!

Have I mentioned I LOVE my double stroller? You’d think it was too wide to go everywhere, but surprisingly it isn’t. It was my constant companion all summer!

This year on the 4th of July, we joined some neighbors at the Riverton City parade. Jesse and I rode bikes (pulling the kids in the bike trailer) to our spot at the city park, making it really easy to navigate the crowds, traffic, and closed roads. Not sure how much the kids enjoyed the parade, but it was a fun day!

We got to spend some time with the Nolte cousins when they came to visit in August. We discovered the Herriman rec center’s indoor pool (so awesome!) and explored Liberty Park one day. I’ve used Liberty Park as a running track before, but I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve actually been through the park. Some pretty fun stuff in there!

Addie and Ethan on the little flying planes in the “amusement park” part of the park.

These cars look totally ghetto, but the kids loved them!

The “water feature” in the park is really fun–it’s modeled after the whole Salt Lake valley, including the canyons and rivers. The kids had a blast exploring.

And of course, the summer wouldn’t be complete without playing in the water with friends! I’m glad we live in such a great neighborhood. I see lots of fun summers ahead of us!

2011 Year in Review: Addie Pt. 1

December 29th, 2011 - One Response

This has been a big year for Adelaide. While some days I do miss my little baby girl, I must admit, I’m loving this age. She’s grown and changed so much, and is turning into a delightfully imaginative little girl! (You know, I used to worry about her speech–since she just didn’t talk much when her peers were. But like everything else she does, she just decides when she wants to do it, and that’s all there is to it. She surprises me every day with her power of communication these days. Also reminds me that I need to be careful about what I say around her!)

Back in April, Addie had her first trip to Disneyland! Jesse grew up a Disney fan (having grown up in Southern California), and I had been a few times as a kid and after Jesse and I got married, but having little kids has made us really wake up to the sheer magic of all things Disney. The trip was so fun, and we spent three days in the park (something I’ve never done before, and neither had Jesse), enjoying every minute. I wish I had recorded Addie’s face when she saw the castle for the first time, because it was priceless!

Now that it is nine months later since the trip, Addie will still tell me about Disneyland and her experience there. (She wasn’t talking that much then, so I wasn’t totally sure how much she was soaking in, but based on what she tells me now–she pretty much soaked it all in!) She tells me about the riding in the cups, the map she carried around, her balloon, Mickey’s house (will even describe the dishes in his sink), and the Woody ride. Can’t wait to take her again!

On Addie’s birthday in May, she turned the ripe old age of 3! For her birthday, I enlisted Uncle Shawn’s help in taking her to the bouncy houses at the Classic “Fun” Center. I figured no one would be able to keep up with her (and tire her out) like Uncle Shawn. :)

Then we had a fun family party for her, complete with an amazing birthday cake from her Aunt Kali, and a quite hilarious (and impromptu) game of balloon throwing. We must all think we’re kids at heart, still.

This year has also been the Year of the Princess at our house. We’ve been collecting princess toys, princess movies, and best of all: princess dresses. (Maybe I wished I had some as a kid, who knows…but I can’t seem to help myself from buying them for her.) She’s got a closet full, and it’s launched her into a beautiful world of make-believe and imagination.

(I realize Tinker Bell isn’t a princess, but she loves this outfit, and here she was “digging for Peter Pan’s treasure” so
she could hide it from Captain Hook!)

Also this year, Addie has really started to enjoy playing with friends. She has some favorites in our neighborhood, but also loves her two “cousins” (technically my cousins’ girls), and she gets to play with them regularly. And what’s better than combining playing with friends with your favorite princess culture? (Seriously – does it GET better?)

Cutest little group of princesses EVER.

Heading into our summertime adventures this year, Addie got to take swimming lessons. She really loved them, and her teacher called her a little fish (he said usually he has to talk the girls her age into ducking their head under water…but Addie wouldn’t stop ducking her head). She got to jump off the diving board (sort of) and then spent the rest of her summer wanting to swim!

Okay, I’ve got lots more to go, but we’ll call this one good. Next up, summertime adventures! (And yes, there will be an Addie Pt. 2.)

Potty Power

December 5th, 2011 - 3 Responses

I’m gonna be brutally honest here, folks. We don’t have Potty Power at our house. (The picture below has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m talking about here, but I love it. It’s just perfect in so many ways, and shows what a delightful girl Addie really is.)

Anyhow, I’m preparing an Addie post right now (no really, I am!) that will cover the last six months of Addie’s busy, busy life, but we won’t be talking about potty-training. Because…yes, I have a 3 1/2 year old whom I cannot claim to be potty-trained. Yeah, never thought that would happen. We’ve been trying for the last year, and have tried everything: going pantsless, timers, sticker charts, treats, toys, cute underwear, videos, books, rewards, bribes, threats, guilt, punishments, etc. Every one would work for a couple of days, but no more than that. 

She was actually doing really well once school started in September, and after a couple of incidents of trying to get to the potty in time and peeing on her pants and on the floor (and having to be brought home by her teachers to change), I think she was too embarrassed to try at school anymore. Then she decided not to try at home anymore, either. Then acted downright afraid of it.  

My little girl is beautiful, funny, imaginative, smart, artistic, happy, and affectionate. She looks so grown-up to me, now. Except for that one thing.

Now, if I had been insistent, consistent, and persistent, would things be different? Yes, I believe they would be.

But let me tell you about me and potty-training. This is what it does to me:

Yes, potty-training has turned out to be like gamma rays to Bruce Banner. It turns me into a scary monster that I neither like or recognize. I’ve made my kids afraid of me. I’ve gotten into actual fights with a 3-year-old (which I didn’t used to think was possible–but oh, it is). I’ve done things that I’m not even going to mention because it’s embarrassing, and I just hope Addie forgives me for it. If you were to ask me what my worst moments in parenting are in the last 3 1/2 years, this would be it.  I don’t know what it is, but it’s scary. 

So, if ignoring the potty-training thing and letting her wear pull-ups is the way we keep the green monster at bay, believe me, we’re all better for it. And I may just wait until she decides herself to be done with the pull-ups. Judge me if you like, but I sometimes forget how fragile little girls can be, and at this point it’s more important that we like each other. Because we finally do again.

There, now that’s done. And we won’t discuss it again. (But I do promise more updates soon. And funner ones, at that.)

Five Little Monkeys

October 5th, 2011 - 5 Responses

So, you know when you’re behind on something, you don’t feel motivated to do it? And the further you get behind, the less motivation you have? Like laundry? Or dishes? Or sorting through the mail? Yeah, that’s me and blogging.

We’ve had a lot going on in the last several months, and I do have every intention of posting photos. Addie turned 3. She took swim lessons. Jesse and I went to Florida (can you say Harry Potter World?). Westen started walking, then quickly quit crawling altogether. Then he turned 1. We went camping at the beach in San Diego. We experienced the (continuing) nightmare of potty-training. Addie started dance classes (cutest thing ever). And preschool. And now Jesse and I are headed to England for a whirlwind tour of Yorkshire (there’s a story there).

Can you see why I’ve been putting off tackling this stuff?

But last night I was messing with Vimeo to see if I could actually get around to sharing videos every now and then, so I tested out this adorable one. Now, I don’t know how to edit video (not sure I’m that interested in it, to tell you the truth), and the lighting in this one is pretty horrible, given that it was taken at night in the car with an overhead light, but I’ve still watched it about twenty times myself ’cause it kills me how adorable that girl can be. So, until I get up the motivation to document some of our summer happenings, you can enjoy this video. I know I do!

Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree from Marianne Knight on Vimeo.

9 Months and Easter

April 30th, 2011 - One Response

Westen is now 9 months old. I failed to get the regular 9-month photo, partially because I forgot, and partially because I can’t make Westen lie still for longer than two seconds unless he’s asleep. So it would’ve been futile anyways. (Yes, I stole this photo from Mike.) This is Westen’s new smile. And yes, it’s adorable.

We also haven’t been to Westen’s 9-month appointment yet, so I don’t have any stats for you. But the last post about “boys” pretty much documents Westen these days. As an update to that, in the last couple of weeks, Westen has:

  • Dived head-first out of the tub;
  • Almost dived head-first back IN the tub (caught his feet in time for that one);
  • Figured out how to circumnavigate my barricade against the stairs, and subsequently climbed up and fell down them, and
  • Pulled the living room lamp on top of himself.

The question you’re probably asking is, “Where were YOU during all of this?” The answer is: always at least one step too late.

We had a lovely Easter at home this year (although we really missed our usual Easter tradition in California with the Noltes!). I ended up getting matching outfits for Addie & Westen. (Jesse was quite incredulous at that, but what can I say? Buying little kids’ clothes is an illness with me. And these were just so stinking cute.) I tried really hard to get the Easter morning photo of them together before church. Needless to say, it didn’t work. But I thought the photos told a story, anyways.

Think these two like each other? They do. A lot. And not in a “I have to put on a brave face about this two-kid thing and claim that at least they like each other, even if life is crazy” kind of way. They really do like each other. It’s so cute.

We did an Easter egg hunt in the backyard, and Addie loved it. Westen enjoyed trying to eat dandelions.


Addie loves this dress. Side note, she is wearing it right this second, along with her Cinderalla “glass slippers” that Mel bought her in Disneyland. She thinks it’s her Snow White dress…which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, since she’s never actually seen Snow White. Oh, well. Whatever works.

We hope your Easter was lovely, too!